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About Us

The birth of Mounts came after I (Tim) took my wife and 16 month daughter camping for our first post pregnancy ‘expedition’. The site was a tester for some multi day sites we were due to visit later that month. We bought a family-sized tent, and assumed the copious gear I had amassed over the years would take care of anything else. When we arrived, a farmer took one look at us, and the pile of gear, and immediately threw us into his tractor for a ride to site. In hindsight it was unlikely the transport of our copious amounts of gear was going to be an achievable effort on foot! A 4cm mattress, fleece PJ’s and 3 Tog sleep sack later, we had learned this was not suitable for our daughters comfort and safety. She was freezing and made sure we both knew!

As first-time parents we have always followed advice on SIDS and safe sleeping. After this experience we felt we had let our guard down. All the understanding, experience and gear the founder had did not transfer to keeping his young daughter safe and warm.

As soon as we returned home like any other upcoming expedition I began researching the suitable tools for an enjoyable and safe family experience but too my dismay their was little suitable choices available. I have always been able to optimise my experiences through organisation and gear. The outdoor industry caters to the extreme expedition but misses the optimised outdoorsmen looking to take their child on their first experiences in a safe hassle free way.

Mounts was created to step in to help bridge this void. Every mountain starts as a mount. Get back on the trail! Bring your family together through experience and create safe memorable moments forever!

Photos from the trip that started everything...



The Founder's Story

I was born in Sydney, Australia growing up in a rich environment with a big backyard, playing outdoor sports, actively engaged in cubs and scouts, and spending holiday vacations camping and doing other outdoor activities. In my teens years we moved overseas spending time seeing the world learning about many cultures and making life long friends. After completing a university degree in Boston, America I returned to Sydney to find work and enjoy the natural fruits the land of Australia has to offer.

Starting my career in financial services I quickly moved through the ranks to a trading role and got promoted to move to Hong Kong for a bigger opportunity. During my 20’s I was able to enjoy many opportunities to experience the outdoors. From Kayaking the coves of Sydney harbor, bush walking the wild fauna of Aus, climbing crags over looking crashing waves, trail running the wild terrain of HK, all while camping amongst the trees, sand, and dessert. My true passion however lies in the mountains taking me on expeditions to climb objectives, meet renowned mountaineers, and snowboard my way through remote terrain. Some of my most proud achievements include Mt Kailas ascent, Mt Blanc ascent, Mt Rainer ascent, Matterhorn ascent, Grand Cayon rafting, SetiRiver rafting, and ski mountaineering objectives in Antarctica, America, New Zealand, Greenland, Alaska, Japan, Chile and Argentina.

I feels lucky to have gained so much rich experience during my early years. When you spend an expedition walking or climbing for 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 hours a day tied together by rope you learn so much about other peoples experiences, culture and ideas. Different expedition leaders all have their own take, risk tolerance/ approach, and focuses. In particular for gear heads like all outdoor enthusiasts I was able to learn about different global brands, new technologies, conveniences, and the approach, history and attitude towards different disciplines. This knowledge quickly turned into an obsession for a young mountaineer who wanted to make pack weight comfortable, heat systems work, efficiency of movement count and creature comforts comforting. Enhancing your outdoor experience can be as enjoyable as just escaping to the outdoors. I often refer to the 'White Moment' while mountaineering. The 'White Moment' manifests when your movement is working so well that you can use your rest step with ease, enjoy the view, breath in the experience and all while accurately reading the terrains risks. Otherwise know as being absolutely dialed!

I am hoping to merge my business career with my outdoor career to provide a unique company that makes the life of families easier selling unique products. I do not want to compete with established traditional companies. Quality and avoiding trends is important with anything made having the ability to transcend time. Mental health and environmental health are passions of mine and will be incorporated into the companies vision.


Tim Butcher

  Mounts founder