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Mounts - ESG

Mounts is a small business. Just as our tag line says "Every Mountain starts as a mount" we are growing and hope to create a business that is the best of ourselves. We value the environment and understand the impact of another business entering the community can and have on the environment. We see the world as a community that needs to work together if we want to succeed in keeping our world pristine and available for generations yet to come. We want to give back to the community as without it we recognize we would not have the opportunity to start and build this business. We hope that overtime we can increase our contribution to give back to the environment and add to the needs of society.

We make no hidden illusions our main environmental impact and contribution to greenhouse gasses lies in our use of synthetic materials and our online delivery model. Our primary challenge is measuring this impact and being able to address it.

  • Our first commitment is to make products that can last. We want to encourage our products to be passed through generations, family, friends, and charity. We commit to divorce our self from any fast fashion trends. Increasing the reuse and durability of our products will reduce the volume of products made and need for waste.

As parents we recognize the challenges of having children especially the in the most early months after birth. The world has changed… opportunities are harder, resources are smaller, and access to pristine environments have shrunk yet parents ambitions, dreams, and hopes are only bigger. In recognition of this we want to give back what we can.

  • Our second commitment is to champion parents mental health and post-natal depression. We aim to provide as much helpful updated information and encouragement as we can. We want to provide healing though the natural world, family experiences and achievement of your goals.

We have further aspirations to do more… watch this page for updates

Mounts view: Tackling climate, environmental and social issues are a serious undertaking. The scale of the problems that currently exist are unfortunately not going to be solved by any individual, at best maybe a collective of individuals improving their behavior but our best bet lies with national government implementing scalable change. Mounts wants to tackle environmental issues from a parents perspective. Parents face a series of challenges and choices that balance the ambition of giving their little one the best opportunities while trying to protect the planet for their future. We argue that a parents ability to decrease their footprint diminishes with the introduction of children. For a brief example… choosing between differing schools with varying educations that have different environmental footprints. Should education or the environment be prioritized? Mounts wants to recognize a parents challenge without conceding to doing nothing. We are not a national government nor are we an individual. Our hope is as a ‘corporation’ we can collaborate with our customers to fit somewhere as a collective of individuals creating positive impact.

They may be aspirational but we are eyeing our next commitment/ grand ideas as follows. We are also looking for help. If you believe you can help us please contact we would love to hear from you.


Inspirational Knitters

  • We want to use our platform to help the older generation of outdoor enthusiasts looking to supplement their income. Workforces and opportunities have trended to the younger and surviving into your old age in the modern world requires a modest fortune through an income or pension.  We have seen the quality of knitwear survive and give warmth to our children. We want to invite keen knitters to sell through our store and share their story. If you have interest or want to refer someone please contact us.

Increase biodiversity through existing supply chains

  • Mounts sees online delivery set to grow overtime. In turn this will increase carbon creative activities. The question for mounts is 1) How to offset our activity causing carbon emissions and 2) How to use our company as a vehicle to offset more carbon. In our wild imagine… We see an opportunity to re-seed the wilderness through the deliveries we make. Every highway, house, and city used to be a patch of abundant vegetation providing shelter, food and bridges for wildlife to thrive. If every unused parcel of land cleared was replanted we could start to bring back the bridges for the wild to capture carbon. Imagine each package we sent contained a ‘seed bomb’ of either wild flowers, wild grass or a tree. If each customer scattered that seed into an unused patch of land like the side of a highway, sidewalk, or neglected back garden. We could achieve wide spread carbon capture with community engagement/ buy-in and hopefully overtime encouraging the additional spread of carbon capture habits. Our customers are families and this is a wonderful lesson to teach young children. By increasing the health of our soils and allowing the food chain from insects and bee’s to birds the ability to flourish we can allow for biodiversity to thrive. And who knows hopefully encourage nature enough to spur growth and generate a cycle of carbon capture. Just as we cleared land to build our modern world, a collaboration of individuals can re-seed it back to the wild.