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Mental Health and Postnatal Depression

Having a child is a miraculous event. It is rewarding and tiresome all at the same time. It can leave you with feelings of elation, warmth, love, relief, worry, and despair, all wrapped into a timeless journey experienced by the world over and over again. 

About 10% of parents experience postnatal depression in one form or another. Differing from what is commonly referred to as ‘baby blues’ during the first two weeks of a child’s life, postnatal depression can last for months or even years after a child is born. There can be many resulting symptoms (see country links below for detailed information). Identifying and seeking help early is the best course of mitigation. Please contact your doctor if you feel any of this applies to you.

Sharing your feelings with family and friends and making time for the activities you enjoy with a healthy dose of regular exercise and rest all help contribute to the prevention of postnatal depression.

At Mounts, we want to promote the power of healing through the experience of the natural world. We want to help ease the overwhelming burden of getting your little one into the wild and get you back on the trail. If, like us, the thing you love the most is experiencing the outdoors, we want to help! We want to help by providing helpful information and giving you the tools to help you find confidence to get back out on the trail safely and responsibly ... by helping you achieve goals you didn’t believe were possible ... by getting you back onto a path of building memories with your family, finding your old self, or achieving something totally new.

Country Links on Postnatal Depression





Go beyond the pram … Challenge yourself to go somewhere that your pram cannot. Regain your mobility and start achieving goals. Get a part of your old self back.

Create memories … Leaving home with young children is always a challenge. Creating a temporary home in the wild with young children is even more challenging. Families coming together to overcome obstacles, finding solutions together, and experiencing the natural world create enduring memories. 

Every Mountain starts as a Mount…  We believe allowing kids to enjoy the outdoors helps create the building blocks that contribute to a healthy future. Teaching them to care and respect nature will help them grow strong bonds with the natural world, bringing them back time and time again.