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Mounts is a small business. Just as our tag line says "Every Mountain starts as a Mount" we are growing and hope to offer the best service possible. We value our customers and the support we receive from the community. We have great pride in the products we have developed and are distributing. We promise to always strive to response to any requests in the most timely manner possible. 

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FAQ answers:

We are based in the U.K. and looking to grow internationally. If you have interest in growing with us please email

We aim to ship your goods in under 24 hours of order receipt. Our fufilment partners have an average dispatch time of 2 hours. Having a best in class shipping process is important to us and we hope to provide this high level of service.

All our packages have tracking and standard U.K. delivery of 2-5 days. 

Our general shipping prices per location are:

  • 4 pounds to UK
  • 10 pounds to EU
  • 30 pounds to Asia
  • 20 pounds to Americas

We off free 60 day returns. Please see here for more info 

If there is a problem with one our products we want to know about it. We strive to continually improve our products and believe in the power of customer feedback. Please send all the details you can (including pictures) to

The founder has created this webpage and is not a professional web designer

When designing and manufacturing our products we took the long approach. We went and found the top manufactures to ensure we could meet our quality requirements. After finding a partner we ensured the products were tested thoroughly enough to meet the strictest standards. Our products on average take over 1 year to develop and we are incredibly product of them. If you have any feedback please don't hesitate to reach out! 

If you would like to hear about our products, company, or initiatives please send your name, email and phone number to and we will confirm if you want receive updates from us. Or add your email to our subscriber list from our home page